2. Kensuke Koike - 小池健輔

    (Source: pizzadigitale.it)

  3. publicdomainreview:

    Spirit photograph of Arthur Conan Doyle taken by the ‘spirit photographer’ Ada Deane in 1922, the same year in which Conan Doyle’s The Coming of the Fairies tried to convince the British public that fairies and gnomes existed. See the pictures that first fooled the creator of the unfoolable Sherlock Holmes here: http://bit.ly/11foaF7

  4. Oscar Homolka, John Barrymore and Virginia Bruce in The Invisible Woman

    Dir. A. Edward Sutherland, Universal Pictures, USA, 1940

    (Source: ebay.com.au)

  5. grigiabot:

    Vasil STANKO :: Untitled, 1991 

  6. Jan Mlčoch

    From 'Levitation' series

  7. Gaudenzio Marconi (1841?-1885)

    circa 1870

    (Source: ago.net)

  9. etund:

    Nancy Cunard, 1930, by Barbara Ker-Seymer

    (Source: cairn.info)

  10. Manolo LB Mantero

    "You cannot lessen the perception"

    (Source: facebook.com)

  11. From the Romanov - Рома́нов Family Archives

    (Source: gavarit.blox.pl)

  13. Robert Sulkin

    From the 'Twentieth Century' series

  15. Mila Parély in Liliom

    Dir. Fritz Lang, France, 1934

    (Source: culturopoing.com)