1. Robert Sulkin

    From the 'Twentieth Century' series

  3. Mila Parély in Liliom

    Dir. Fritz Lang, France, 1934

    (Source: culturopoing.com)

  4. Man Ray

    Rayograph (Tanya Ramm in profile), 1930

    (The Malcolmson Collection)

    (Source: newswire.ca)

  5. grigiabot:

    Thomas Vandenberghe

    (Source: dergreif-online.de, via grigiabot)

  6. Unknown Photographer, circa 1945

    (Source: projectb.com)

  7. Still from The Devil Commands

    Dir. Edward Dmytryk, Columbia Pictures, 1941

    (Source: exploderbutton.com)

  8. Lady Diana Cooper, Viscountess Norwich as The Madonna in The Miracle

    Dir. Joseph Menchen and Michel Antoine Carré, UK, 1912

    Costume designed by Norman Bel Geddes

    (Source: mcnyblog.org)

  9. gacougnol:

    Martin Martincek
    The Month of Flamingos
    1965 - 1966

  10. Miss Tanako Kawabata in Kitan Club Magazine, 1952 

    (Source: blog.livedoor.jp)

  11. grigiabot:

    Kalliope Amorphous

  12. bleuroses:

    George Seeley

  13. vivipiuomeno:

    Miranda Penn Turin - The Sabatier Effects

  14. ace-snapshots:

    Le penseur

    (A.C.E. private collection. A big thanks to Antoine G. for this one. More scans : http://ace-snapshots.tumblr.com/)

  15. IrinaJoanne (Irina)

    Flowery Poem