1. billdomonkos:

    Stereograph, Bill Domonkos, 2014 (The Flapperette, c1928)

    To see this in 3D, slowly cross your eyes, relax your vision until there are three images, then focus on the center image.

  2. gacougnol:

    Frantisek Drtikol
    Untitled (Nude Study)

    (via gacougnol)

  3. David C. Collins (1825-1909) - Thomas P. Collins (1823-1873)

    Portrait of Frances Amelia Collins Mitchell (detail), circa 1850

    (© Nelson Gallery Foundation)

    (Source: artblart.com)

  6. Kathleen Burke as Lota in Island of Lost Souls

    Dir. Erle C. Kenton, Paramount Pictures, USA, 1932

    (Source: dvdbeaver.com)

  7. Man Ray 

    Untitled, 1921

    (Source: pressherald.com)

  9. jogoraz:


    I need to light my own

    creation mythto slaughter

    my monsters.

    Starring Zaza

  10. Lilian Bond by Elmer Fryer, early 1930’s

    (Source: ebay.com)

  12.  Levitating Body. Photographer, place and date unknown

    (Source: darkinthedark.com)

  13. Martin Munkácsi

    Woman Sleeping, 1936

    (Source: fansinaflashbulb.wordpress.com)

  15. allanbarnes:

    1st plate shot at my new studio, 9.2014

    half plate tintype