1. Ray Metzker

    Untitled Light Drawing, 1996

    (Source: laurencemillergallery.com)

  2. Gunter Knop

    Broken Dreams

    (Source: theartstack.com)

  3. BiosphereAncient Campfire (Shenzhou)


  4. Still from Dnevnik Glumova (Glumov’s Diary)

    Dir. Sergei M. Eisenstein, Soviet Union, 1923

    (Source: fandor.com)

  6. Thomas Ruff

    Constellations from the portfolio In a Dream You Saw a Way to Survive and You Were Full of Joy, 1991

    (Source: fansinaflashbulb.wordpress.com)

  8. lamelancoly:

    Man Ray - Nancy Cunard, vers 1925

  9. Edward Steichen

    Diagram of Doom - 2, circa 1922

    (Source: phillips.com)

  11. Manolo L B Mantero

    Klimt and I

  12. jameswigger:

    With Jacs, wearing a large shrub of branches (most are in the dark).

    Calumet C1 with Jena Tessar f4.5 250mm lens, 4x5 tintype.

  13. Eugène Druet (1867-1916)

    Sculpture de Rodin, circa 1897

    (Source: sothebys.com)

  14. Weegee

    Bowery & Grand St, September 15, 1944 

    “Here’s what the wind did to glamorous models in the window of Edith and Billie Bridal Salon, 271 Grand St. 

    (Source: fansinaflashbulb.wordpress.com)

  15. rudygodinez:

    Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs

    Untitled Photograph from the Series “Light of Other Days” (2013)

    (via mizisham)