1. grigiabot:

    Surimpression I, 1932 Photographer: Pierre Boucher

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  2. Vane Bor (Stevan Živadinović, 1908-1993)

    Photogram (7), 1928

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  3. Antoin Sevruguin (1830-1933)

     Portrait of a reclining woman with hookah and Persian mirror, Iran, 1901

    (Kern Photography Collection, Museum of Ethnology)

    (Source: geheugenvannederland.nl)

  4. Oscar Gustave Rejlander (1813-1875)

    "First I Lost My Pen And Now I Lost My Spectacles"

    (The Royal Photographic Society Collection, National Media Museum / SSPL)

    (Source: nationalmediamuseumblog.wordpress.com)

  5. Richard Winther (1926-2007)

    Untitled, 1971

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  6. stanford-photography:

    Daucus carota (Queen Anne’s lace) Soft Toned

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  7.  Matteo Bosi


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  8. miss-catastrofes-naturales:

    Ashkan Honarvar

    The Crust - Chapter 2 - Fase 3 (2012)

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    Video Art by Jan van Naeltwijck


  10. grigiabot:

    Irina Ionesco 

    Le Destin, 1975 


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  12. spectrumvivace:

    Hans Bellmer - Octopus, from Mode d’Emploi, 1967

  13. Lying Nude Study, Anonymous, circa 1870’s

    (Source: aestheticamagazine.blogspot.com)

  14. oorequiemoo:

    Gertrude Kasebier , daughter of the photographer Gertrude kasebier at Crecy-en-brie, France

    Photographer: Gertrude kasebier

    Glass negative, dry plate 8x10 inches, 1894

  15. Annette Kellerman by Frederick W. Glasier, circa 1907

    (Source: shebloggedbynight.com)